Monday, May 10, 2010

Branches & Planting

The touch pad on my laptop is broken... it is very frustrating to have to use a mouse to move my cursor around. It never works right, I can't get it to go where I want to go because the pad is not even... it is beginning to get to me.

Anyway... I hope it was a good weekend for everyone. I got to sit and relax this weekend... even got to get a pedicure. The guy who did it told me to wear my shoes more... Not something I can do, Dude!!! I love this weather... barefoot weather.

Today one of the kids brought these "trees" in for our Science Center. We tried looking them up to find out exactly what kind of trees they came from... We know one definitely came from a Maple, another from a Honeysuckle, and one from an Oak. The Honeysuckle was fun to pass around... most of the kids liked the way it smelled, only 1 didn't. We compared the smell to the other branches, which didn't have much smell to them, but the kids had fun comparing anyway.

On Thursday we got to planting some of our veggies, herbs, and flowers. The squash is going to overtake the little garden, but I don't think the kids mind. I think it will just be interesting that they are growing. The flowers kind of wilt in the noon sun, so the kids run and get water to "wake them up." They found that if they water them before nap, then by the time they wake, the flowers wake up too.

They had a grand time planting, I wish I had more space for them to plant more things. I love the square foot gardening idea... I think we will have to set some of those boxes up around the yard. Then we can have cucumbers, squash, peppers maybe... the ideas are endless. I do know that the kids eat more of what they themselves grow... so when I put squash on the pizza or make a cucumber salad (which happens to be out of this world, Thank You Dana!!), they won't EEEEWWWW!! it to death.

One of the Mom's came while we were planting in the garden and she took some photos of us working... I am always amazed at how I look when I see myself in the photos. My hair never seems combed enough, my clothes never seem professional enough (I mean, how professional can I get in the dirt), and I always think I should lose a few pounds... I guess that's why I am always behind the camera :)


  1. I don't think you should lose a few pounds you look great!

  2. I always had that "unprofessional feeling" about my work clothes, too...and then I discovered scrubs. Love them! They are so comfy and everything washes out of them. I could ruin a tshirt in one wearing!

  3. What a rich post Michelle!

    It sounds like you have an amazing garden going. I love that they figured out how to best revive the flowers! (By the way, you're sooo far ahead of us. We just put new starts into the ground yesterday -- it's going to be weeks before we get around to some blossums.)

    I love your science area and that kids feel comfortable bringing their own science materials. And way to go, for researching things with them. There are some HUGE advantages to being in your home -- all your tools, even your wonky computer -- are at your disposal.

    You are dressed professionally. We are professional performers, artists, craftsmen, gardeners, and construction workers. The professional wardrobe needs to be appropriate for all of those, right?T-shirt and shorts are my warm weather wardrobe too.

  4. Thank You To Everyone!!! It's great to know I'm not alone!! The kids are loving the Science Area, it has really added something to our program. Watching everything grow (inside and out) has been a lot of fun too!!