Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to Babies

Here are just a few photos from last week... I have so many, it was hard to choose :) We really wanted to get to know what it might be like to have a New Baby around, but I don't know anyone with an actual new baby... so we improvised :)

Emily brought in her Princess Baby Center she got for Christmas, we got the books, diapers, dolls and baby paraphernalia out so the kids could practice being Mommies and Daddies.

If you look close at the photo, you will see what they used for Babies most of the time... Yup, Kitty's. Those kitty's are involved in everything.

They even pop up where you least expect them.

Worm Babies were a favorite too, especially since they sing and make music all by themselves.

Putting the diapers on was the most fun to do (and watch for me). They were so serious and proud of themselves when they got them on right, and let me tell you, getting those diapers on Kitty's was no easy feat!!!

Here are some actual Baby Dolls, all diapered and ready for their naps.

A Proud Mama!!

On Friday I had to go to the Dentist for a (unexpected) root canal. So the weekend was one for relaxing and getting better, not organizing and getting material ready for this weeks theme. It still hurts a little, but getting better. So, I decided we will be reviewing our Alphabet and numbers to 30 this week. We can count to 30, but we are going to try and match all our numbers this week. I am sure we will also spend time outside, in the garden, in the sandbox, getting wet and messy and just enjoying the good weather. The Spring/Graduation Program will be the 2nd Week of June this year, so we will continue to practice for that.

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