Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Graduation, Decorations & Water

We had a nice long weekend off and now are getting back to practicing for our program and playing with our friends. I am unable to upload any photos again since my computer is down. I know I should have saved my photos on my flash drive, but I hadn't gotten to it yet. I thought that since it was just fixed I was ok.... NO!! So, I won't be posting photos until we can get that under control. I am on my husbands computer now, and it is frustrating not to be able to just bring up the files and photos I want or need. It's my own fault though.

We are in much discussion about decorations for our program next week. We love the concept that Kristin used over at Preschool Daze. I love the simple, flowing fabrics. We are trying to come up with a variation, since I don't have fabric at my disposal. Yes, can you believe I do not have a fabric store near by. None!! We have craft stores, but no fabric stores. I think there is a quilt shop that I heard may or may not carry fabric, I think I may have to check it out this weekend. But, donated fabric would be nice :) We are having a "Graduation" for 3 of our preschoolers, so we don't know if we want a more traditional theme, or go for a more simple, fun theme. Hopefully we will come to an agreement tomorrow and can get to work :)

It is getting hot here and we (ok, really the kids, not me) love being outside, even in the hot, muggy weather. The sprinkler is a must have. Even though it creates a river of mud. The kids love running through it and, in the end, the mud is as much of a draw as the water itself. Donna and Sherry left a comment about the drought they are experiencing in Australia, we thankfully only had to deal with drought conditions in NC for 2 summers. It was sooooo hard for me. We use water outside ALL the time. I remember not even being able to fill up the little kiddy pool. So, I know how lucky we are to let the kids run and play in the running water. It is definitely a memory I hope they remember for a lifetime :)


  1. Oh, I'm so anxious for some water play! It was only in the high 60s here today...not quite warm enough.

  2. I say again ... lucky you, luckier children!
    Donna :) :)