Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting to Know Each Other

This photo was from yesterday, but is still out today. I took some photos today, and can't seem to find the camera as I sit down to post today. What did we do?? Getting to know each other has been top on our list this week. Although Little Miss M knows me and my space, she has been gone for the summer and actually is only visiting for the week until her new school starts, and Roo is getting used to a new space, new friends, and new rules.

So, what did we do today?? We performed some silly songs, our favorite was one from Jim Gill's CD Make it Noisy in Boise. The song, Stick to the Glue, was hysterical. It sings about getting stuck together, like shake hands... Oh No, now we're stuck to the glue!! Every time I pretended to be stuck to their hands, or my side, etc... it was giggle/laugh fest time!!

We also took toys out and put them away, learning where things go, how to ask for help, or how to stay on task (when everything is new and exciting). There was light table fun, play dough creations, building with some new blocks D-Man donated to us, and housekeeping was visited a lot this morning. The Do-A-Dots were out again and many new pictures were made and exhibited to the big kids when they woke up and came down for breakfast. We can't forget snack and outdoor time!!

Outside saw us at the water table, where the goal today was to find all the watering cans (or anything that held water) and water every blade of grass and tree (I had to fill up the table twice). There was tire swinging, ball kicking, sandbox playing and mud pie making. The slides were still a little to hot to slide down, but maybe we can get those swim suites on and the sprinkler going tomorrow or Thursday. We'll see.

It was another great morning and I think little Roo is enjoying her time with us so far. Even though the kids that will be with me all year aren't even here yet, she is settling in just fine.

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