Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where Have We Been??

We are here!! We have been so busy this week learning about one another, painting, dancing, singing and playing outside. The beginning of the week we had some beautiful, cool mornings and we could be outside without it bothering our little ones, but as the week has worn on it has gotten hot, humid and "yucky" as one of the kids said this morning :) so our time outside has been done in smaller burst as the week goes on. I don't want to wish the warm weather away, but I can't wait for the Fall weather.

What a smile!!!

Painting is a great 1st art project for little ones. But even the old pros love it!!

Little Man really enjoyed painting, I think that his favorite part was when it would splash up at him.

Forming Friendships through play

The kids had a lot of fun making another "city" with their Cozy Coupes


We painted our Paper Mache creations

It has been a full and exciting week!!

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