Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outdoor Sprinkler Fun

The weather was hot today, but not so muggy that you began to drip with sweat as soon as you were outdoors. The kids decided it was a grand day to get the sprinkler out and enjoy a few drops of water on their heads :)

The kids began with games of "jump through the water," "sprinkler limbo," and "chase the water," but it soon became apparent that the boys today would be the coordinators of the water play. The water area quickly became a highway, grocery store, mechanic's shop and bakery. The boys had all sorts of rules, boundaries and guidelines to follow and they created an environment that all three worked together to build (with no fighting :)).

The girls, who weren't quite as interested in the sprinkler part of the boys new "world," became the gas attendants and mechanics. Little Miss M and Roo promptly moved the "gas station" to an area close enough to be part of the group, yet far enough away to keep out of the "rain." Watching and assisting where needed, I was able to listen to conversations and redirect any intentional or unintentional slights directed toward friends. It was a wonderfully peaceful and enjoyable morning.

My son L, with lots of determination, found a bag of bubbles and got the girls blowing all sorts of bubbles and trying to catch them with their wands. Lots of giggles ensued and they even caught some of the bubbles, though they were just as content in making L catch them :)

At the NAFCC conference I was lucky enough to attend a 4hr workshop on Music and Movement with Sharron Krull. She has a blog called Sharin with Sharron, which is a great blog you should check it out. Anyway, during that workshop I not only got some great ideas, I was lucky enough to win a set of these Rainbow Dancing Wrist Bands. Oh how the girls (and my son L) loved them. We danced to specific movement songs, but the girls also used them on and off all day, with music and without. They really inspired them to get movin!! Thanks Sharron, we love them!!!

I think that our "Getting to Know You" week is going really well. The kids seem to fit together nicely, I can't believe the older kids will be leaving for school in only a week and a half. Wow... how the summer really does fly by :)

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