Friday, August 19, 2011

A New School Year

Our first day back to Child Care was yesterday... and I do have some wonderful photos but of course in the rush of meeting and greeting I have misplaced it. Or one of my wonderful boys misplaced it, like they did the camera for 2 days :) What's a Mom to do!!

I welcomed 2 new faces this week. With the new arrivals came a flurry of separation anxiety, bonding, new rules, new surroundings, and a lot of getting to know each other. A huge welcome back to my Little Man, who brought Miss Michelle lots of hugs and kisses... how joyful it was that he still remembers me and loaded me up with lots of extra lovin!!!

Remember Moms and Dads... this is just the beginning of our journey this school year, it always comes together and that's when the fun really starts!!!

I promise to post those photos as soon as I find that cord!!!

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