Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Friday!!!

Our first week back and oh what a week its been :) We have had such a wonderful time playing, getting wet, singing, dancing, painting, and just having fun that I can't believe the week went by so quickly!! With the weather so beautiful today we put those bathing suites back on today and went out to the yard to have some more fun!!

I took a little time this morning to set up the Princess Tent with a little floor (sheet), chairs and books in the shaded area of the yard, it was a nice relaxing place for the kids to go for a little quiet time. I also set up the outdoor easel, and the sprinkler again for the kids to enjoy.

These girls seem to be having fun!!

I have found that the kids really enjoy painting outside, especially on the plexi-glass easel. It is easy to rinse off, start over and basically make a "process" type of art, rather than a "product" type of art. All the kids took a turn and created something, even if it was just the joy of blending colors, using the squirt bottle or squeegee to play with, they all seem to enjoy their time there.

What was left at the end of the morning :)

It has been an awesome week and I look forward to the new school year. I have lots of great ideas from the NAFCC conference to implement, lots of places I would like to take field trips to, and lots of love to give... I am truly Blessed to be able to do this job.

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  1. Great pictures! Randy made us a plexiglass easel for outside, how do you clean it for the next child ?