Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Back!!!

WOW... what a 3 weeks it has been. It seems like I have been away a life time. As much as I long for the beauty and coolness of the Adirondack Mts, I am glad to be home. I missed my dogs, my house and my own bed :) We got home yesterday and it took all I had in me to get the house in presentable condition for my arrivals today. We have Little Miss M back for the week, until her new school starts up, and our newest friend joining us, we'll called her Roo, because she is so inquisitive and friendly, just like little Roo with his Mama Kanga.

This morning I was able to welcome my friends back to "school" with some new and old toys, (Miss M liked finding some of the toys right where they were when she left) and plenty of activity to go around. We sang some songs, moved from Do-A-Dots, to sand table, to play dough effortlessly, and even went outside for a rather hot and muggy romp in the yard. Thankfully, the water table was in full swing and the breeze from the swings made it tolerable. It was nice to have "my" kids back, I missed them!!

Below you will find some photo's from our many excursions and adventures we had over the last 3 weeks...

Romping in the Atlantic Ocean off Fire Island in NY

Jumping off Aunt Kimmy's boat on Schroon Lake, NY

My Dad and I enjoying the views at Red Rock Canyon in NV

I have lots to post about in the up coming days... I loved each and everyday of the NAFCC conference, I loved visiting family and friends in NY and I loved coming home.

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