Monday, August 22, 2011

Snap Shots of our Day

Another new week is upon us, our first full week of child care. It is a challenge to get a routine down when we still have our school age friends still home, but they will go back to school soon :)

My friends did a little of this and a little of that today...

Getting our own water has been a real treat!!

Ok, this photo was from last week, but Lil Bit here kept turning her head today and I couldn't get ONE picture with her looking at me today :)

The big kids did some paper mache bowls today, but some of them decided to take the cones from the water jug to make witches hats... cute!!

Working together

This one L!!

I like this Miss Michelle!!

Great Work O!!!

I was getting snack ready this morning and I could hear giggling coming from the bathroom and when I took a peak, these two were in there having a ball in the sink!!!

I taped this shelf to the sand table this weekend, hoping it would provide a little something extra to the kids play... I keep meaning to add some things like Tom from Sand and Water Tables, but I go looking around the house and can never seem to find anything... I'm working on it though :)

This little Scamp loved the shelf because she could touch the sand, move it and most of all swat it all over the room :)

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