Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paint, Games, and Outside Time

Circle Time was a lot of fun today. We read Valentine's are for Saying I Love You, by Margaret Sutherland. It is such a cute little book. The 2's were able to enjoy it and understand it because it was short, sweet and lots of cute illustrations by Amy Wummer.

We introduced the letter Nn (which I guess we will spend 2 weeks on, since we didn't get to start until today) and talked about it's sound, and came up with a little phrase....

Nutty Nelli never nagged new nuts.

We then count the Nn's and say the phrase fast and slow, all while jumping around. I am trying to come up with lots of different ways for them to learn the letter. Something they will remember and be able to recall (even if it's me dancing around the room that they picture in their heads :) )

Princess brought her Hi Ho Cheerio game to play. They have really begun to enjoy board games and puzzles. We waited for Little Man to go down for his morning nap and got the game out. They enjoyed it, I don't know if you can tell, but Sprout is pumping her arms ups and down because she got to put her cherry's in her basket. To cute. Everyone learned about turn taking, patience, problem solving (we were down a few cherry's) and manners (sometimes it's hard to watch a 2 yr old keep putting their cherry's back on the tree)

Our Mini Water Tub became our Mini Valentine's Sensory Tub... it looked to nice when I put all the things in the tub, but when I went to get the camera this is what I found when I came back.

They enjoyed it!!

After reading our Valentine's Day book, I thought we could make our own cards (the little girl in the book makes lots of cards for her family & friends). So, I set out some paper with pencils, so we could write our names or messages... then set up the table with cookie cutters & paint, hoping they would use the cookie cutters like stamps.

Which they did, with 1 piece of paper

Then I found this...

I was told Finger Painting worked much better :)

Outside Time!!! Yeah!!!

It actually wasn't that cold out today, I bundled them up... Just In Case :)


Little Man found that 1 stamped paper...

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