Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I took 56 photo's today. I can't believe it. A lot of it was each child getting a turn at something, but otherwise, it was just of the randomness of a party day!! Oh, by the way, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! What a wonderful day here in NC... the thermometer is going to hit 65 degree's!!! The ground was dry, the sun was out, a breeze was blowing and that meant have part of our party OUTSIDE!!! Although, getting children away from the sandbox was hard after not being able to fully play with it for a while.

We started our day off with some yummy blueberry sweet biscuits, in the shape of a heart from Bojangles!! Yum, Yum!! Thanks Princess, Little Man and Family!! They were a big hit!!

We then had some free play where the kids proceeded to take out every piece of dress up clothing from the wicker basket we keep them in. They wanted to be fancy for our Valentine's Day Fun.

Also out was our Valentine Card Making material. They spent a lot of time making, creating, and then "mailing" the cards in a little foam mailbox I had from last year. Although many cards didn't actually make it through the process, a lot of learning and fun was had by all our little artists!!

Then we had to hand out all our Valentine's... what a great way to review and recognize our names, plus the names of our friends.

Hmmm, who is this??

Then, inspired by a a birthday party we all went to this past weekend, we played, "Stick a Heart on the Heart." Lots of spinning, giggles and laughs!!!

Little Man couldn't be left out, he even woke up early from his morning nap, I think he could smell those cookies!!!

Sprout gave each of her friends little cups with great twisty straws... they made snack time so much more fun!!

Then on to our cookie decorating... my goodness, how can we fit everything in!!

Ok, after all that silliness, all that sugar, and all that fun... OUTSIDE HERE WE COME!!!

Believe it or not these are some of the only ones I got from outside. Being busy playing, having games, making Valentine's Day Cakes, and just plain enjoying the sunshine made it hard to stop and take pictures. We are now gearing up for an afternoon full of more sugar, more games, and more fun!! Not being able to include all those yummy goodies during the morning, we had to wait and share some with our school aged friends!! Wish me luck!!


  1. We didnt even get a nap today... :( I told the parents to watch for the sugar high to start coming down and then run and hide -it's gonna be ugly.

  2. So cute, you do such a fantastic job with all the kids!