Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Look at Me Go!!!!


Birdseed. I have birdseed everywhere. There is birdseed in the cubbies, on the lawn, in the Cozy Coupes, in the sandbox, on the patio, on the chairs, even in the kids hair. I know, there will be spills, there will be transporting, and they will have fun. I just didn't think it would be SO much fun :)

D-Man figured out how to get the seed into the tube and make it go around. He was very proud and pleased with himself.

We have been watching out to see if the birds figure out about the birdseed. I have 2 dogs and we don't get to many birds who are brave enough to try and spend time in our yard. But, the lure of all that birdseed may be to much for some of them. I am hoping for a brave soul or two, as if they don't eat the seeds, they will grow into weeds all over my lawn (which may not be so bad considering my yard is all dirt and mud most of the time anyway)

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  1. michelle, since we had the big snow ( out of school for 9 days ) we had to feed the birds. One day my neighbor put bird seed on his table. There had to be no less than 100 birds on this table. It was very interesting for the kids to watch. A squirrel ran up and all the birds flew away. Great observation for the kids.