Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Day After Valentine's Day

Does it ever seem that the day after a party day is sluggish and the kids can be unmotivated?? Coming off all that sugar can cause us all to be a little out of sorts, I think. Yet, Little Man was having none of this sluggish business... he was movin, he was shakin, and he was playin!!!

Do you think babies evewn have a slow button?? Not this guy. I think what annoys him more is that he can't keep up with the big kids yet. He can't run after them outside... he is always yelling and trying to get down when we are outside. I think he'll be walking soon.

Today was a great day to build in the foyer, where all the sunshine just poured into the house. Even though the kids were not so motivated to do any of our learning activities, they had no problem building this Dinosaur/Zhu Zhu Pet Castle. They worked together, counted out blocks (so everyone could have an equal amount), problem solved when Sprout wanted to sit right in the middle of the castle, and a lot of communication between all of them. I even overheard D-Man giving Little Miss M the words she should be using when she wanted something from someone else. Ahhh, you have to love those moments.

Dress Up Time!! They wore these little dresses all morning. Through Circle Time, Snack Time, Play Time... they only took them off when I told them we were going to walk to the park.

Reading Books... Little Miss M told me she was the Mommy.
While Little Man took his early nap, we enjoyed circle time. We reviewed our ABC's (forward and backwards), Princess went through all the letters and gave the sound for almost every letter. We counted to 11, forward and backward... we found 11 things around the room and made patterns with some of the things we found.
Then we had a real treat, Little Miss M brought her Mixed Up Chameleon to school. Her Mom must have bought the Kohls book and stuffed animal for her and she brought them in to share with us. We got to read the book, while Mr. Chameleon watched from his perch on my chair. We even were able to move him around the room and pretend that he was sitting real still, waiting for his Fly to come by. Then we pretended we were Chameleon's and sat real still and quiet, only moving our eyes. Then we found a fly, out shot our long, sticky tongues... Yum, Yum!!
When Little Man woke, we got ready and took a nice walk to the neighborhood park. I love our park because not only does it have a nice climbing structure, but it has enough room for the kids to run in the grass, explore trees and dirt, and roll down little hills to their hearts content. That was how we spent the rest of our morning... now I am exhausted. They all get to take a nice nap after lunch... I have to wait until bedtime... they don't know how good they have it!!! I hope this weather lasts awhile :)

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