Friday, February 4, 2011

An "Easy" kind of Friday

Little Man had a lot of fun with the Staples "Easy" button today... well, they all did really. I couldn't believe how many times they could actually push that button and not get tired of that guys voice, "That was easy!" Make me crazy!!

I did it!!

I bought some marble runs right after Christmas, during a clearance sale. I have had them out in a basket on the shelf for a couple weeks now, but they were only interested in the marbles that I had stored in a little glass jar with a cork type top. So, today I got them down and built them for the kids. Lots of fun was had repeatedly dropping those marbles down the chute. It is kinda like the "easy button," the repetitiveness doesn't bother them. Little Man was a little annoyed that he couldn't get in the gated area to have a turn, or at least have a taste of those marbles.

Sprout had some quiet time, at least for a few minutes, until Little Miss M came by and thought she should look at the same book, at the same time, in her own lap. Ahhh, that didn't go over well, but I am glad I got this photo, the calm before the storm :)

The kids spent a lot of the morning building with the blocks. I don't know if you can see it, but that "Easy" button is even in this wonderful creation.

Little Man loves this Sesame Street toy. Little Miss M gave it to us, and a different Sesame Street Character pops out when the button is pressed, and then sings a little song... again, repetitiveness at its best. After hearing Oscar the Grouch sing his song so many times each day (hour) I dream about it. Little Man loves it, but so do the other kids, so it gets played many, many times a day.

Little Miss M practicing her fine motor skills. She didn't put them in number order, but she did identify some numbers and squeezed those cloths pins like nobodies business.

Practicing making shapes on the chalk boards.
Sprout loved it!!

The kids enjoy using our sandpaper letters as flash cards. The preschoolers take them out and play "school" with the little ones.

What a quick week. My sinuses aren't quite back to normal yet, I am hoping this weekend will bring me to the end of these sinus headaches, stuffy & runny nose (how that happens I'll never understand) and sluggishness I feel. A relaxing weekend to all!!!

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  1. What type of board did you use? Have a plan to make these. Check me out @