Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our February Box

Our February box came out today. We love to take out our monthly boxes, as we never remember what we put in there last year. We found lots of neat Valentine's Day things. Old stickers, doilies, cards and envelopes for sending notes to friends and yummy smelly stamps. Our noses looked like Rudolph's with all the smelling of markers and stamps today.

Here is Sprout being a Dinosaur, like the one she found on one of the Valentine's Day Cards. She had a lot of fun "writing" special notes to her friends and putting them in the Foamy Mailbox we also found in the box.

Miss M peeling stickers for her notes. What fine motor practice for these little ones. Holding pencils, markers, crayons, peeling, sticking, and cutting. They had a ball.

We put suds in the mini water table today. Some of them had suds up there arms and on their chins... Thankfully we use tear free baby shampoo for our suds :)

A Quick Trip Around the Room

Just some views of our new set up... I try not to move things around to much with the little ones, as they can never remember where to put things. I can't help it though. I love to change it up now and then.

I decided that our two spaces (Our Formal Living Room & Formal Dining Room) that we use for child care should be partitioned off from each other, that way Little Man can't get into the messy stuff.

Little Man's Corner

We were having so much fun with our new February things that we didn't even get to Circle Time... I guess we will have lots to keep us busy tomorrow too!!!


  1. Your magnetic center is just so awesome. I think your daycare is so beautiful. WOW!

  2. Your monthly box idea, I want to start this month. I think this would be so exciting to do and just pull them out and add things as you find them each year. How adorable! Thanks for the idea. Lisa:)