Friday, February 11, 2011

Learn, Practice, Work & Patience

This week has been one of learning and practicing. Working and patience. Over last weekend I moved the classroom around, making 2 separate spaces. I took many things off our shelves so we could work on putting the items that were out, back on the shelves correctly. I took time to really teach and practice the art of clean up with our 2's. That those toys don't miraculously put themselves away, is always a surprise to the 2's and early 3's ;)

It was definitely a week of patience. Whether it was the kids being patient with each other, or Shell being patient about clean up (I learned it will probably take longer than I expect and I should allow for that). We practiced using our words... when we played games, interacting with Little Man, cleaning up, and especially while we played "make believe." "Make Believe" is a concept the 2's are just starting to understand, especially as it pertains to playing with the preschoolers. They don't understand that Princess wants them to move to the closet, and they want to move to under the table. Words worked well in conveying that concept. We practiced and role played a lot this week.

Also, our practical life shelf has only 2 things on it this week. I had more on it before, but it seemed to be ignored for the most part for more imaginative play. When I took most of the work off the shelf, the kids seemed to gravitate to it more. Maybe I had to much and they couldn't see past what was on the shelf to pick something?? Not sure, but next week I will add 2 more things to the shelf and see how it goes.

The brooms, dust pans, and rags have been a big hit this week. Between the play dough and rice from the mini rice tub, the kids have been busy working on those clean up skills. Oh, yeah the whole patience thing comes in handy here too :)

One of the children that used to come to my home for child care, donated a cup cake maker to Kozy Kids!! (Thanks Guys!!) We decided that a Friday was a great day to try it out. Basically with this one, you microwave the cupcake, and then use the frosting machine to frost it. Well, we knew it would take to long to microwave all the cupcakes we would need, so Princess and her Mom bought us some great Valentine's Day cake mix!! Yum, Yum!!!

Teamwork!! We made those cupcakes and they are waiting patiently to be frosted!! I will try to post photos tomorrow. I can't wait to see them with this frosting machine. To cute.

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