Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

Will you look at Sprout's Shadow... I am glad Punxsetawny Phil didn't see his this morning!! I am ready for Spring to get here, fast!!

We went on a walk today, enjoying the beautiful weather. On the way we found a tree "growing" out of a sewer. The kids were intrigued and excited by this find. They discussed how a seed may have gotten down there, and how fast it must have grown (because it wasn't there the last time we went on a walk).

I put out some more mitten activities this week. The light table has become a favorite, they enjoy how the light shines through the paper. I put Uppercase on one side of the mitten, and lowercase on the other and the kids have to put them in order, or find the letter(s) of their name. I was disappointed because the permanent marker showed through the yellow and orange ones. They spent most of their time looking and sorting the ones you could see through. Oh, well.
The clothes line mitten activity was great for all the age groups. The 2's didn't have to put the numbers in order, they just clipped them up there, which is great for their fine motor skills. Getting those fingers and hands strong for writing. The preschoolers had fun counting, clipping, and indentifying each mitten. Princess did it first by herself, then included the D-Man to do it with her.

We have a couple Doctor Kits and they are an absolute favorite!! I never put them away because they are used Every Single Day!!!

We have been talking about Groundhogs, Groundhog Day, and especially Punxsetawny Phil this week. We did a cute little Groundhog craft where the kids got to make their Groundhog pop out of his/her den. It had a little to much teacher directed influences... but they had fun. Miss M is getting soooooo good with those scissors!! She stayed close to the line and even knew to stop where I asked her to stop. Way to go Little Miss M!!!!

They got to use the hot glue gun though today, which is always a fun thing to use. I let the preschoolers use it themselves (with me right there of course) and the 2's hold it with me. They loved that... So Big they are!!

Watching Punxsetawny Phil was great fun... they got a kick out of how they pretend that he talks to them and whispers if he saw his shadow. We also found an interview with Phil's handlers, the kids really enjoyed that. Busy Day!!

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  1. Looks like a fun day! We are snowed in... or out.. of school. :(