Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another 2 hour Delay...

I can't even give you a photo of what led to a 2 hr delay here in our little town in NC... it was melted before I took the kids out to the bus stop. I love this town!!!

Anyway, we had a condensed morning, as most of the kids come from families of teachers (who were also on a 2 hr delay).

These great big Dinosaurs were brought out this week, by my husband, who knows D-Man LOVES Dinosaurs!! They have been getting a lot of attention all week!!

More Games, Games, Games!!!

Princess brought her special Strawberry Shortcake memory game to play. Little Miss M loved it. I tried to get my Princess Girl to NOT put out all the matches, but she couldn't resist. So, Little Miss M wasn't as successful as I would have liked, but she lasted a whole lot longer than I thought she would. She just kept picking up cards, looking at them, and getting very excited about whatever was on the card... didn't matter if it actually matched or not. She did finally wander away though. I tried to tell my (very upset) Princess, who was now without a partner, that she was just to little to be able to remember where ALL those matches were. So, she promised that tomorrow she would pare it down. I love her!!

I received a letter game, Letter Soup, from Little Miss M's Mom. I had never seen it before and when I looked online I couldn't find it anywhere but in Australia. So, where ever she got it I don't know, but I love this game!! The main purpose is to make 3 and 4 letter words by ladling up the little balls with letters on it. Since only 1 of my kids is ready for that (and she gets to play with me sometimes) we just ladle out the balls, state the letter and/or sound, and put it in our own little pot. We then count how many balls each person has, they then tell me the letters again as they put them back in the soup pot. The 2's love to just ladle, but when they put them back in I make sure we look at the letter on the ball and I tell them what it is. They love it too.

Little Man loved it too, but he had something else entirely in mind... he's so cute and innocent until that mat came flying off of the table and balls and pots were bouncing everywhere :) Gotta love that boy!!!

"Hey Mom!!"

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