Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter, Friends, Flour

We were busy beavers today... continuing our exploration of Winter and Winter Animals. At circle time Little Miss M helped us sing our weather song and then successfully named and sorted all the winter clothing she (or her friends) might wear outside on a cold day (like today).

We also talked about what animals wear outside on cold days... Humm...

Princess: "Sadie wears her fur!"
D-Man: "My dogs wear gloves... hee, hee, hee"
Mylo: "Shea wears her fur too!!"

I asked if they thought that any other animals were outside in the cold, other than dogs :) We came up with Birds, Cats, and LIONS!! (We are beginning to learn about he letter Ll this week).

I know the photo below has nothing to do with winter or winter animals, but I only have so many little animal figures... so communtiy helper people were brought out!! Remember, we are a flexible bunch here :)

The girls here were talking to each other. They decided (by eaves dropping on their friends at the sensory table) that their people would be animal trainers and the play dough the animals. To cute!!

Sprout is very intent on stacking these blocks like she saw one of the preschoolers do...

She did a really good job and was very proud of herself when she was down. She turned to me with the biggest and widest grin!! Completion of a task is wonderful in itself, but to stack all the blocks... well, that took determination!!! Great Job Sprout!!

Sprout was a busy girl today... She loved finding more community helper people in the lock box we have. She played here for 15 minutes, just talking to the little people, moving them in and out of the boxes. She finally left only when she locked one of the doors and couldn't get it open. She didn't get mad or frustrated, just kinda shrugged her shoulders and left.

The Princess worked on this homemade 100's board. We took penny's and covered each number, counting as we went. I wish I could remember what she would call the 30, 40, and 50 before she finally asked me for the correct way to say the number... something like 30 ten, I could tell she knew what she was saying was wrong, but I waited for her to self correct or ask... she finally asked and slapped her little forehead and laughed... again, too cute!!!
We also talked about the penny, what it's worth, and how many 100 is worth... she was amazed it was the same as a dollar bill.

The sensory table was a hot spot today. I put flour (snow), wintry animals, and glass gems/beads (ice)... the kids loved it!! They loved the texture of the flour, having the animals run and play, and creating landscapes for them to live in. Yet, I think the favorite thing to do was get the whole arm in the tub and get as much flour on themselves as possible. That and seeing how much they could get on their face...

This is actually a tame photo... Princess would end up with flour on her cheeks, chin and arms.

Sprout absolutely LOVED this sensory table!! The sensory table usually is a favorite of hers, but this one just appealed to her. She was laughing, giggling, touching, calling me over to check this or that out, and just reveled in the experience!! And as you can tell, she gets quite annoyed with me when I make her stop to say, "Cheese!!"

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  1. I love this idea for the sensory table. I will have to remember it.