Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Short Week

We had such a short week this week... just 2 days, and those 2 days were running on a 2 hour delay. Most of my families work for the local school district and send their children in according to the school calendar, so not only were we off 3 days, but the last 2 they came in late. That being said, we didn't get much done.

I will extend our winter theme into next week, with a focus on winter animals, and extend our letter of the week into next week. It makes us a little behind, but hey, were flexible.

What we did do this week was play, a lot!! We used our words to share with our friends, some of the kids even learned that using their word could get them the toy they so desperately wanted. It was satisfying to watch. We went outside and inspected the ice (which we had a lot of), touching it, looking at it under our magnifying glasses, comparing it to the snow, watching the sun shine off of it and even tasting it. I even caught the D-Man just in time, he was about to test out the theory of tongue to pole... thankfully he didn't get to carry through with it :) Gotta love little boys.

We also helped a friend celebrate his 1st Birthday... Happy Birthday Big Man!! We had a lot of fun celebrating with you!!

It was a short week, but productive!!

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