Friday, January 21, 2011

Numbers, Letters, Names

Today we reviewed our letters, names and numbers. No time to take photos though. The kids weren't 100% today... so my hands were usually holding a baby or toddler and not free to take a picture :).

We took all the sandpaper letters we have done so far this year and traced them, named them, made their sound, and then put them in ABC order. We then came up with words to go with each letter, and if the word was an animal we did something that animal did... Kk, kangaroo, hop... Cc, cow, Moo, etc... This was a fun activity.

For numbers 1 to 10, we counted, clapped, put them in order, found the correct number of items for each number and made patterns with some of the items we found. The toddlers loved finding the items and setting them under the numbers (mostly finding the items).

Then we clapped out our names, sang silly songs using the letters of our names and pointed to our names around the room. Next week I am going to make some name puzzles and put them on the light table for them to put together and tell me which name belongs to who. Princess loves to pair up with Sprout and Little Miss M and help them, and I think I might put the toddlers photo on it, they will like that :)

We also did a lot of make believe ice cream shop, building with blocks, show-n-tell, and just having fun with friends... isn't that what childhood is all about!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!!


  1. I passed along a blog award to you:

  2. Love that you do puzzles on the light table. So fun! Sounds like a lot of learning happened. My daughter is just starting to take an interest in letters (2.5 years old). So we are breaking out the letter puzzles, matching games and other letter activities.
    Great ideas.
    Stopping by from Child Central Station. Congrats on the award. Saying hi to the other winners...HI!