Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fun

I was thinking today how our "theme" weeks never technically end sometimes. We have been talking about Winter, Winter/Arctic Animals, Ice, and anything we can find that fits under that theme. I felt like we should be "wrapping things up" today, but there is so much more we want to explore. The kids are sooooo not done with ice... they love it and have been putting water in almost anything they can find and putting that in my freezer. The problem with that is that my 5 yr old son, who is at school all day now, comes home, finds it, and plays with it. I find him in the bathroom sink with 2 or 3 interesting ice creations, that I just know was some preschoolers absolute bestest ice creation in the world (as they have been saying as they put them in the freezer). So, he and I have been trying to replace them, and sometimes we can pass it off as the original, sometimes not. Ahhh, we always have another day. Thankfully my kids are pretty flexible.

Today we read some more books about Snow, Snowmen, Snowballs, and Winter Wear. We had to read the book The Mitten, by Jan Brett. An absolute favorite every year. Our preschoolers then took numbered mittens and glued them in order to make a mitten crown. Then a mitten walk (parade) was in order. We got all dressed in our Winter Wear and out we went, to bad it is getting warmer here and there is no snow on the ground. The ice in the planter out front even melted. Oh Well :)


The Alphabet was also on the agenda today... we played some games while reviewing our ABC's, earning some M&M's while we were at it. It was a lot of fun watching them get their M&M's... they were so helpful to each other, never making someone feel bad if they didn't know a letter... to cute. They each were eager to help each other. Those are the best skills that I can send them off with... compassion, confidence, problem solving (if they don't know the answer, how can they figure it out??) and the ability to make friendships. I pray everyday that I am doing that, and the other stuff... icing on the cake :)
Have a Great Weekend!!!

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