Friday, January 7, 2011

A Great Ending to a Great Week

We had a great week getting back into the swing of things. We received some great musical instruments from The Princess and her family... this Melissa & Doug set. The xylophone is wooden and it has the most beautiful sound. I don't mind the kids banging on it all day. I wish all our instruments made such beautiful noise :) The kids have been having a grand time having musical parades, and when I am feeding Little Man we are lucky enough to have our very own "concert" to keep us entertained. I have to position the kids right in front of us so Little Man will pay attention to his bottle while he watches, but otherwise he absolutely loves it.

Today for Show-n-Tell we had some great items!! Little Miss M brought in her Hi Ho Cherrio game. I love that game!! Though I need to get out our Don't Break the Ice game, I was checking out Ms Debbie at Once Upon a Day in Preschool, and it seems her kids are loving it. I think we would love it too. I need to pull it out for next week. But... I think Hi Ho Cherrio is great for our Toddlers also. The fine motor skills it takes to get that spinner moving was a lesson for me too, the counting and one to one corresponding is a skill I like to use all the time, and during a fun game like this is great!! The turn taking was great for Sprout & Little Miss M, lessons in patience can always be practiced.

Little Man is getting so big!! He is moving and shaking... never one to miss out on what the kids are doing. So, he is crawling all over and getting into his fair share of mischief. You see that gate behind him... yeah, I tried to create a nice little baby friendly space just for him, and no, he won't stay in it without crying for more than 1 minute. Now, if I leave the gate open he will come and go no problem. He is going to give me a run for my money... in a good way, of course :)


Walking to the park is always an adventure!! The "big" kids are very fast and the 2's love stopping to look at everything, smell everything, inspect everything, and just hold hands and meander down the sidewalk. But, it is all worth it to explore the great outdoors.

Little Man turned 7 mths old over break, he came back to me bigger, moving, and more beautiful than ever. We found that he loves the park, even in the cold. He also LOVES the slide. He must have gone down that slide 20 times... both on his bottom and on his belly.
Oh, and I did find a way to keep the mulch out of his mouth... I flipped the hand protector things on the snowsuit, so he can't get his hands out. It kept his little fingers warm, as well as tucked inside and out of the reach of mulch!! Yeah for me... I can still think I'm in control :)


Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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  1. "...think I'm still in control" - hahahahaha!!!

    Funny you should mention musical instruments...that's what my post today is all about.