Wednesday, January 19, 2011

K is for Kangaroo and Imagination

Yes, we finally started to talk about the letter Kk today. It has been on the circle board for 2 weeks now, but we haven't gotten to it until today. We are very lucky that Sprout got a Mama Kangaroo with a baby Kangaroo in her pouch for Christmas. She brings it to sleep with and today we talked about it.

One thing that really spiked our interest was how hard Kangaroo's could kick. Not only are they hoppers, but they use their very strong feet to protect themselves. I found a YouTube video for them to actually see a kangaroo kicking... we then talked about getting to close to "wild" animals. Even when we go to special tourist parks. Sprout wanted me to know her kangaroo does kick. She kept shaking her head when the kids were talking about it and saying, "No kick"."

We then had to try some hopping like a kangaroo for ourselves. Some of us got pretty high. Thankfully no one wanted to try the kicking part.

Little Man thought this was all very funny!!

Sprout spent a lot of time in the water table making "ketchup pies," "kooky cakes," and "kangaroo food." The whisks were a big hit.

The girls spent a lot of time today playing "baby" & "house." Here these two decided to have a tea party with their babies. I decided to take the housekeeping corner out of the playroom for a little while. It seemed the kids were getting bored with it and not using the food and equipment well, so I thought a break would do us good. They haven't asked about it since they came back (it's been gone at least 2 weeks) and today they finally asked where it went. I told them it was resting and they would have to use their imaginations to come up with something for their tea party... a block and play dough plates did the trick.

We even had our very own dinosaur tea party... gotta love it!!

Taking babies for a walk.

I always feel like we should have the best of everything, an excess of everything, and something for every possible situation. Today reminds me that keeping it simple is good. The kids had no problem coming up with an alternative plan for their tea party. I am glad I gave the kitchen set and all those little pieces a time-out. I know they will enjoy playing with it when it comes back, but I won't keep it out for so long next time.

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  1. We have a park that has kangaroos and the older ones can be a little grouchy ! On my blog I hit post before I wrote anything. It is edited now! :) That is a bear rug . The kids love it. I usually only bring it out twice a year.