Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Learning Kind of Day

Starting our day is a little slow with Little Man around. We have to get him fed, changed and occupied before Miss Michelle can set up the environment with messy art or learning activities that they may need help with. Yet, once we get going, fun abounds (even for Little Man).

I took out the Kk for Kite puzzle I printed from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I have to say she has the most wonderful resources for early childhood education!! I love how everything is bright, colorful, and easy for the kids to understand. In the photo above, Princess is helping the Littles complete the puzzle. Little Miss M watched her do it twice, and then took the pieces to the light table and ....

Completed this. I never thought to put them on the light table, but I will put more of my printables on there, it looks cool.

The preschoolers also did this fun activity to reinforce the differences between Uppercase K and lowercase k. Again it I printed it from Confessions of a Homeschooler. This activity is usually done as a sorting activity, just placing the correct letters on the correct side, but I had the preschoolers practice gluing and problem solving today. They needed to fit all their K's on the paper, it was tough :)

Sprout and Little Miss M also wanted in on the "homework" as they call it... so I had these Kk sheets (from Confessions of a Homeschooler) that are usually used with magnets... but we like to use our Do A Dots, they fit perfectly in the little circles. We aren't sticklers for dotting in the appropriate circles though, it is more for fun and letting the little ones feel included.

I also had out some fun "puffy paint" I made using equal parts flour, salt and water. I then put it Colorations Liquid Water Colors. I will usually put them in squeeze bottles so the kids can make more precise pictures, but today I just set it out like finger paint. The weight and texture were a lot different than traditional finger paint, the kids noticed that it was gritty due to the salt, it was thicker, and it warmed in their hands. We didn't warm it up or cook it, but the kids felt like it was cold coming out of the bowl. After much discussion and me dropping some hints, Princess figured out that it warmed up because her HANDS were warm, "kinda like when the snow melts in our hands, right Shell."

Sprout loved spooning the paint onto the tray. She had no problems using her hands, but something about manipulating that spoon intrigued her.

The 2's really love helping with everything. It is the age of learning independence, slowly making that transition of being independent of the adults around you. Practicing these self-help skills is a daily occurrence here. We have little sweepers, cups with a water jug to get water when we are thirsty, cloths to clean up spills, and dress up clothing to practice putting cloths on and taking them off. It is a sight to see when a 2 yr old gets out the wash rag, gets it wet (ok, the drippy water isn't always easy to take, but I try) and then "cleans" the table. Usually this is followed by everyone getting wash rags, dripping water from the bathroom to the playroom, and washing everything in sight. Ahhhh, the patience of a Family Child Care Provider :)

Here Sprout is putting all that practice to work trying to get out of a dress up skirt. One of the kids wanted to help her, which was met with a resounding, "NO, I DO MYSELF!!" We all sat back and watched, then applauded a job well done.

Outside Swinging... this boy loves to fly!!

(Now leave me alone!!)

I wasn't going to get another Cheese out of this one... She wanted to play, not look at my camera :)

My budding artists... they chalk painted everything insight... cars, chairs, train table... it was all I could do to make sure they didn't "paint" one another.
It was great to get back in the yard to run, jump, and play... even if it was a little muddy, that's what mud boots are for.

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  1. So true about needing to do it themselves. It is incredible the things my daughter thinks she can do herself. Oh the patience you have for letting them help clean up and get their own water. Anything to do with water around here is tightly monitored or I would have water everywhere, which I am sure that you do, you must have way more patience than me!!
    Great work!