Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Potty Time

Little Miss M is using the Potty!!! Wow... what a milestone!! Her Mom is a teacher and Little Miss M has been home with her since school ended... about 2 weeks, and her Mom & Dad have been doing really great with her!! (You Go Mom and Dad!!!)
She is spending the week with me this week and today she showed me what a big girl she has become in the short time since she's been here last. I am so Proud of her!!! She told me when she had to go potty and ran with me to the bathroom, yelling... "Potty Shell, Potty!!" Oh, it was tooooo cute!!!
When you have children in your care beginning when they are babies, it is amazing to see the growth in the few short years you have them. Really, just a blip in their lifetime. But, during that time you see them go from such dependence to independence!! I am struck a new by it every time it happens. I am ready for it, but I still get blindsided when it happens.
Little Miss M, I am very, very Proud of You!!! What a Big Girl you are becoming!!!

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