Thursday, June 3, 2010

Down to the Wire

Ahhh... our morning was wonderful. We had a lot of fun making some decorations for our graduation program. The Coloration's Water Colors came out and the painting commenced... it was beautiful. The kids love those vibrant colors, almost as much as I do :)

Practicing our songs are getting a little more serious, we have placed our chairs in their "spots," and practiced walking, sitting, standing, etc... They are doing sooooo well. Having a special program or graduation in a home child care setting can be some what tricky. You have to really take into consideration how many children you have, their ages and what you want them to do. I am lucky that I have some older preschoolers who not only LOVE to perform, but can memorize, sing, and "carry" the program if need be. We always have one child run off to the audience, and I have to come to expect it, but having the others stay in their chairs and complete the performance... it is a really great feeling.

I want my families to know how much I appreciate them letting me not only love and care for their children, but teach them. That they trust my abilities, is a wonderful feeling. I can't say enough about how wonderful all my families are. Although, next year I lose 3 of my oldest preschoolers to kindergarten... so I have to really get creative next year, as I will have 3 under 3 and only 2 5yr old's. Hum... I am hoping to find other providers in the area that might want to meet and work together a few days a week, and then have them be in the program too... we will see :)

We also finished with our letters this week. Letter Z was a success... we of course loved talking about the zoo, zebra's, and zippers. We even worked on zipping up a coat... I think my "graduates" will do well on their own. Me, on the other hand, will miss them terribly!!!

Tomorrow we will hopefully finish our decorations and move on to our "menu" for the party following the program. I am sure cookies will top our list, but I am thinking fruit kabobs will be a nice addition this year :) The kids like making them and I like eating them. My nerves are beginning to rev up, so I must go make a list now of all I must complete by next Tuesday. With my computer broke, my photos for our DVD may or may not ever be found, so I must think of something else to make. HUM... I don't know. I need to get my creative juices flowing.

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  1. Now Michelle I'm sure I warned you last time your computer went down that you MUST back up those photos weekly!!!
    Poor you I know how disappointing it is too loose those photos ... I did it myself a few months ago (so now I have the hard drive plugged it full time backing up as I go) but I'm sure you'll come up with something wonderful! Good luck with your graduation!
    Donna :) :)