Thursday, June 10, 2010


Graduation is a time of looking back, moving forward and celebrating your accomplishments. So, when I thought about this Graduation, I decided to go for the Cap, Gown & Tassel. I know many people don't agree, I know some think it could take away from the whole High School Graduation, but I, myself, feel that of all the Graduations these kids will celebrate... this one is the most special. I mean, when will they ever again learn soooooo much in such a short time. They go from such helpless babies, to children ready to take on the academic world all on their own. Leaving the comfort of babyhood. How absolutely immense that it.

It was a wonderful night. The kids really enjoyed themselves, even the kids not "graduating" loved the songs and poems that the "graduates" recited, and recited right along with them. Everyone received a Certificate and a special class picture, and camera's were rolling non-stop. It was a very emotional night, as I said goodbye to one of the boys that won't be coming back, doesn't live near by and I won't be seeing on a daily basis... it has been 3 yrs we have been together, over 1/2 his life. I will miss him.
I have a 4 day weekend, and next week starts some fun summer activities for my own children as well as the daycare. I am looking forward to some ooey gooey days, day trips, and getting dirty and muddy. I am sure we will get the body paint out, paint with our toes, and I really want to try that splat painting, with the pantyhose... it will be a lot of fun. Keep checking on us!! Hopefully I will get my computer back, and won't have to keep using my hubbies!!

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