Monday, June 7, 2010

Lasts & Firsts

This is a week of LASTS. Each day this week will be the last one I spend with one of my preschoolers that I have been watching since he was 2. Unlike the rest of the kids, he will go on to Kindergarten and not be here in August. He will go to another house for 1/2 days, days off, and the unexpected sickness. I know the boys will see each other over the summer, but between trips to the mountains for us and the beach for them... it won't be much. My son and he will go through school together, but I will become the bystander, not the caregiver. I will watch from afar, as his memories of me fade, and that awkwardness descends when I try to steal a hug, kiss or just a quick hello. He won't be coming by my classroom, or picking up a sibling each day, to keep me fresh in his mind. But, I will cheer from the sidelines, enjoy his successes, watch him grow. I will forever have him in my heart, and even from afar, I will continue to love him as I have grown to all these years. I watched the DVD I made for tomorrows program, one of the kids from 3 years ago through today, I cried. This is the saddest part of the Child Care business.

A week of lasts is sad in itself... but a promise of FIRSTS brings new life into our program. Our Princess is a proud big sister to our newest baby... Little Man. Weighing in at a nice, substantial, 10 lbs 5 oz... he will be a welcome first when he comes in August. I will be privileged to get to see and be a part of the many FIRSTS he has. The Lord has given me a Wonderful distraction while my own baby goes off to kindergarten with his best friends.

I will also have a spunky, little Sprout starting in August. I can't wait for her to join our group. She seems so eager to learn, play and I believe she will thrive here. As the Oak Ridge Boys said, "Thank God for Kids!!!" I am Blessed to have the best job in the world!!

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  1. I lost a couple long-time kids to kindergarten last fall...I know what you are going through! I cried more than their moms did!!
    By the way, I cry every time I watch my DVD's...tempted not to make them anymore, lol!I've used that Oak Ridge Boys song in my DVDs...not a good idea for the tear factor!