Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys

I have had my 4 day weekend, I got one of my little ones back. He had a haircut to smile over. It was gone... all of it. The peach fuzz left on his head was so cute I had to rub it like a Buddha Belly :) I couldn't stop myself from touching his head every time I passed him. I had to keep putting sunscreen on it so he wouldn't get a sunburn :) Oh, it was tooo cute.

We didn't get out the paint, we didn't get out the crayons... we didn't even get into the mud, what a surprise. What we did do was get back into the swing of things .Our day was spent staying wet, to stay cool and hanging out. Figuring out how our days will be with 3 School Age Kids around. What rules can be bent, or disregarded?? What rules should be invented for just the right moment. How will the 12 yr olds interact with the 4 yr olds?? I am lucky to have such great kids... both my own and the daycare kids.

They get along great, the big kids include the Little's in almost everything they do. My biggest "problem" is that they are all boys :) Yup, you heard right, all boys. So, if you can imagine the running, wrestling, chasing, jumping, climbing, pretend shooting, and the noise... oh, the noise sometimes :) That is what my summer will be. A glorious, wonderful, superb Boy Pandemonium!!! Oh, we will have Little Miss M for a week this summer, and what a week it will be... quiet, tea parties, babies, strollers... I will have to take photos of the big kids playing with her. It is a sight that actually brings me to tears (of Mama Pride). They are so good with the babies.

So, I will keep you posted on how our Boy Summer goes... I think it will be extra special this year.

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