Monday, November 14, 2011

Today is Monday...

I love the book by Eric Carle, Today Is Monday, where you sing about eating certain foods on certain days of the week.  It's catchy and it's fun.  I have humming it lately and I know I have the book somewhere, I need to get it out since the kids keep wanting me to sing it for them. 

Why do I bring that up, you ask??  Well, we have finally been able to have a consistent Circle Time.  It has been a long 2 1/2 months, but we are here.  All the kids sit so nicely, and are actually engaged.  In the beginning it was a lot like the old kittens in the box reference... every time you got one to sit, another would get up and wander away.  You would get that one engaged with a song, story or finger play and another one would make there way away from the circle.  It wasn't much fun for those who enjoyed and were ready for that type of activity (Sprout and Roo) but we were patient and kept doing it, although a more condensed version.  Our patience has finally paid off, we are officially completing an entire Circle Time, with Days of the Week, Weather, Song, Story and Movement activity... YAY!!!! 

It was Little Man's turn to do the Days of the Week... He loved it!!

Lil Bit was a little to short to reach the Weather Wheel... so I gave her a boost.  She loved being involved to!!

Singing 5 Little Turkey's (I think) or 1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Turkey's... They loved them both.

Outside we practiced kicking a ball.  I think Scamp here did it by accident, and was she surprised when the ball shot away from here.  Of course I got the before the kick shot and an after the surprised look shot... go figure :)

Lil Bit loved the wind in her face today.  She would stand at the little window of one of the play houses and just laugh and giggle every time the wind blew into her face.

"What, I'm not throwing sand!!"

"Give it back!!!"

It's always good to have the right equipment for the job... Roo is picking up all the leaves in the yard :)

Today is Monday and what a wonderful day it was!!!

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