Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Painted Fall Leaf Wreath

We worked on our Fall Leaf Wreath today.  Oh how we love paint!!  I think if they could they would paint all day, everyday.  With washing those hands in between a million times too, because washing hands is just as much fun as painting.  

I saw on the blog Teaching 2 and 3 year olds a post about making Autumn Wreaths and I just loved how Teacher Sheryl mixed the paint and glue together, making it a one step process and not a many step process.  The kids liked it too...

He just got caught trying to eat his brush :)

Cheese...  I'm the big kid, just watch me guys and I'll show you how it's done

Time for the leaves
(I decided to use the silk leaves so that they could be used for a longer period of time without crunching up)

"Do you like mine Miss Michelle??"

Long after all her friends were done, Lil Bit was still going at it...

She needed to get everything just right :)

While Scamp wasn't into painting... she was into playing in the yard.
She loved picking up all the leaves and bringing them to me today!!

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