Thursday, November 10, 2011

Puddles, Puddles Everywhere!!!

What is it with puddles and little kids??  They love them!!  I don't know about all you other grown-ups out there, but I hate my feet being wet.  I don't like cold, wet socks or cold, wet sneakers over my socks. Yet,  Little Ones love puddles.  They really don't seem to mind cold, wet socks, shoes or clothes.  They actually enjoy it, at least today they did anyway :)  

The first puddle we found right at the end of my driveway... Yeah Shell!!!

Although these two didn't get out and actually jump in the puddles... they were splashed and had fun giggling at the other kids as they romped and splashed around.

Running from one puddle to another...


Jumping, laughing, and being silly

These puddles are everywhere!!

Look another one... Let's Go!!!

Okay... maybe Scamp was a little upset not being able to get out and run through those puddles

Beside splashing, there are things to look at and treasures to find at the bottom of those puddles.
If anyone will find them... it will be Sprout!!

Little Man just kept running back and forth through the water.  He was soaked!!!

Just watching and listening to the joy in the kids voices and actions tells me that we will be doing this activity again.  We'll just make sure we add some hot chocolate to the end of it next time :)

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