Thursday, November 17, 2011

Babies and Circle Time

My last post on Monday was about finally settling into a nice routine.  One in which we have more routine and flow to our day.  The routine is finally taking shape and the kids are eager to remind me what comes next throughout the morning.  

After reading Monday's Post, Scamp's Mom asked if Scamp joined in our Circle Time.  Well, she just turned 1 and she sometimes is taking her morning nap while we have Circle Time.  That being said, she sometimes does join us.  How does a 1 year old join in a Circle Time, you ask??  Take a look...

Singing and Finger plays always help!!

A very silly Provider is a huge plus...

Funny Friends to enjoy it with... icing on the cake!!!

Clapping, silly Provider, singing, friends... what else do you need??

A hug is always welcome :)

Helping my friends with their "circle time job" always helps me stay interested!!
Having a just 1 year old can be hard at times, but when you see them being so "big" and enjoying every second of it, it makes it all worth it!!

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