Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Providers are only human

"Do you need a hug Shell??"

After yesterday's post, I thought I needed to provide a little more description.  As a Childcare Provider for children under 5 (3 and under at my house this year) some days can be more stressful than others.  Most providers (and teachers) I know use lots of de-stressing tools to keep themselves sane each day, but sometimes they don't always work.  The kids just get the better of you :)  (or I LET them get the better of me).

What does that mean exactly??  Well, for me, this week at least, it meant lots of noise.  Lots of mess.  Lots of crying.  Putting out one proverbial fire after another.  No one child was behaving worse than another, heck, they weren't even behaving out of their age appropriateness.  It just got to me more this week than most.  Could it be I didn't get much sleep (what, providers sleep?), could it be my teenager is testing his limits a lot more lately (what, providers have kid issues?), could it be that getting a family of 6 ready for Thanksgiving (turkey included) has been harder than I anticipated??  I'm thinking, YES!!!  And my little angels are just were feeding off my own anxieties.

I am VERY lucky that I have the BEST families!!  I have always had the most understanding, most accommodating, and the most fun families ever.  I just want them to know that I LOVE their little angels with everything I have in me.  Each day I grow to love them more.  Their smiles outweigh their cries, their hugs outweigh their tantrums, their laughs are literally the sound of angels.  So Parent's, please know I am only human and I sometimes have a bad day, bad hour, bad morning, or bad week... but I'm excited to open my door each morning, with a smile, ready for a new day, what ever that day may bring.

I just want to end with a poem that I absolutely LOVE from Patricia Dischler.  I found it in her book, From Babysitter to Business Owner.  A book I highly recommend to EVERYONE who is thinking of opening a Childcare Home or anyone who would like to take their Childcare Home to the next level.  Patricia Dischler is full of wonderful stories, great advice and lots of motivation to be the BEST provider you can be!!

Remember Why

Bridget screaming, her vocal substitute for "I'm hungry!"
Peter is crying because, "Sarah hugged me!"
Mikey's drooling and has soaked his shirt.
Bridget eating a shoe, covered with dirt.
Bret took Katie's doll and threw it out the door.
Sarah's in the bathroom wiping her poo poo on the floor.
Rachel is telling them each what to play.
The gate was left open and Bridget is on her way.
They're all screaming now, some for fun, some are sad.
Some scream 'cause they're hungry, some scream 'cause their mad.
They're leaking from everywhere, I wipe but there's more.
Brian's running naked, Peter's peed on the floor.
I wish I could go somewhere quiet and green.
The room is as messy as I've ever seen.
But I'll pick it up, wipe the noses and floor.
Give everyone hugs and catch Bridget at the door.
I'll give Katie her doll, tell Bret and Rachel to be nice,
Take the shoe out of Bridget's mouth, probably twice.
I'll feed them and hug them and tell them I care.
I'll chase after Bridget whether it's here or it's there.
I'll do what I can and if I'm real lucky,
When I serve them their lunch I won't hear, "That's yucky!"
And when I sit down to rest, and get attacked by the mob, 
Between hugs and kisses, I'll remember...
I Love My Job!!!

by Patricia Dischler
December 1996

So, you see, I know I'm not alone and it is nothing a hug, or kiss, or cuddle won't fix!!

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  1. This Thanksgiving, our family is thankful for YOU, Miss Michelle! We are thankful that everyday while we are working, "Sprout" is growing and learning and safe and happy! We are so glad we found you! We love you Miss Michelle!