Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One Of Those Days....

Well, I know we have all had them.  One Of Those Days.  This week has been exactly like that.  We didn't get to everything we wanted to.  We had lots of messes, and when we cleaned one up, well, you know what happened... yup, some little one was behind me creating another one.  When one little one fell and needed some loving, another was falling off the chair needing some loving.  At one point I think I had 3 little ones on my lap wailing.  No one was really hurt to bad, a bonk on the head, a "friendly" hair pull by a friend, and you always have one that will cry just to commiserate with her fellow crier's.  

We did get to paint this week.  The kids LOVE paint.  The easel is always fun and a challenge for the little ones since it is vertical painting... though it always seems to turn to finger painting anyways, so it didn't matter.  :)

Today we finished our Native American Headdress.  It was very cute.  We have a little book about the littlest pilgrims making friends with the Native Americans and the kid asked a lot of questions about their dress and not the pilgrims dress, so we went with headdresses this year instead of pilgrim hats.  

Looking for some turkey to cook up for dinner

Deciding if turkey is a good idea or not.... they decided NOT.
Ravioli (lunch from yesterday) was more to their liking today :)

Although the kids enjoyed playing with their headdresses... not many made it through the morning.  Having little ones around can be very damaging to any art project that finds its way onto the ground when little hands are near.

It was only a 2 day work week for me and it seemed longer than some of my 5 day work weeks.  Hopefully noses will dry up, friends will be eager to see one another after a long week away and Miss Michelle will be efficiently recharged :) by the time we get back together on Monday!!!


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