Monday, April 19, 2010

What a Monday!!

Great to be back this Monday morning!! Our family had a busy, busy weekend... baseball, haircuts, new sneakers, birthday celebrations, and the never ending mound of laundry my family generates :)

Earth Day is a special day for our family... our son Luke was born on Earth Day, 9 years ago. What a wonderful day to be born. We try to do something nice for Luke and the Earth on that day :) Today began our exploration of the Earth, how we can celebrate the Earth, and how the Earth helps us all grow. I purchased a Round Raised Garden Kit from Walmart for $18 this weekend after seeing Ms Debbie's kids, over at Once Upon a Day in Preschool, playing in the soil, planting flowers and watering them. It seemed like such a simple activity and the kids seem to enjoy it. Well... it was simple and our kids LOVED it!! Dirt + Water always = Fun!!!

Adding water to the day just made everything better.

We had some holes in the ground (from past digging adventures) that just needed to be filled!!

Adding a small water table to capture some of the water was a lot of fun in itself. It was continually refilled and the kids had fun splashing as well as filling their watering cans.

"Planting" some flowers


Working Together

Hard at work...

I figure that the pretend flowers are good practice for planting the real think. We will discuss what we should plant, make a list and then take a field trip to the local nursery this week to buy our flowers, plants, or veggies... what ever we decide on.

On another note... Little Miss M may have to be changed to Big Girl Miss M because she reached a big milestone today... Can you guess?

Yup... she moved out of her crib onto a Big Girl Cot!!! Her Mom and Dad brought her to the store to pick out her very own sheet, pillow and blanket. Today was our baby's big day and she did great!! I can't believe how fast the time goes. I remember the day her Dad brought her to spend her very first day with us. It seems like yesterday. Now, she's in a cot... and LOVED it!! I am so proud of her!!


  1. I love the raised bed ! I have to look for one of those!

  2. There's definitely something magical about water play isn't there ... especially when there's dirt involved? The children certainly look like they had lots of fun with it! :) :)

  3. I know less than nothing about gardening (LOL), but I am wanting to get one of those raised beds. Can you tell me what other items you had to get to go with it?

    I love your blog, it really inspires me!