Friday, April 23, 2010

Kindergarten & Bubbles!!!

Today was a big day for 2 of our preschoolers!! Today was Kindergarten Screening Day!!! The kids had such a great time (while I sat in a Parent Meeting). At lunch today the two boys went over what they did, how they did it, and why they thought they were made to do it. The one thing that stuck me (in a really happy way) was that they both KNEW they did a great job!! There was no doubt in their mind, voices or body language that they didn't do a great job. Not that they thought they were being "tested," everything was done in a playful way or in game format. I knew they would do great, but it was great that they came out of there with a feeling of success! That even if they didn't know something, the tester made sure that they still felt success and not failure!!! If we HAVE to have these silly things, I am glad the kids left feeling good about themselves!!!

When we got home, we had some pretty hungry kids, so snack was underway immediately!!! Then outside to run off some of that penned up energy!! We ran and played tag for a little while, then the kids began to go in separate directions. Some to the sandbox, some to the swings....
Then I got out the BUBBLES!!! We LOVE bubbles!!!!

Look at the way this little one puckers up those lips!!! She's got the the technique down pat!!!

Sharing... not always an easy task!!!

Waving bubble wands takes skill!! I don't know if you can tell, Ms Princess is down in the lower left corner, ducking to get out of the way!!!

Oh No... "Out, Shell??"

I have a tiny bubble container I got somewhere, just the right size for little hands (and we don't lose to much when they spill).

No big deal... there's more in there!!!

We moved the rest of the sand near our stumps, yesterday. The kids had the dinosaurs out and were playing the "Land of the Lost" (for those of you who don't know this show... it is a VERY old show about Time Travel. My husband got the DVD, of long lost episodes, out of the library to watch with the big boys, but Ry loved it too, so we let him watch. No problem... a very family friendly show. So, even though the others didn't know what it was about, Ry let them in on it and tried to tell them in his little 5 yr old way)

A new trend... off with the shoes!!! Now the problem is remembering to bring them back inside.

Love the purple toes!!! The feel of bare feet in the sand... Priceless!!!

This weekend I will go and purchase the flowers and veggies that the kids decided on for our garden. The want to try squash, tomatoes (I think we will try one of those upside down thingies) marigolds, and something purple (Ms Princess's vote!!). Next week will bring us to our "Green House" Activity (Another Shout Out to Ms Dana for that one), planting, and Hairy Potato Heads!!! I think it will be another fun week!!!


  1. I was just thinking about bubbles this morning! We are reaquainting ourselves with all these summertime activities. Today we opened a sandbox and got out the sidewalk chalk! Bubbles is coming soon!
    Question for you - that is an awesome sandbox. Do you cover it?

  2. Even though you know you're a great teacher, Michelle, I'm sure it feels good to have those boys do so well -- and know it! How great that you got to celebrate with bubbles and sand between the toes. That's childhood . . . AND education! Rock on my sister! =)