Thursday, April 22, 2010

Litter Munchers!!!

Happy Earth Day!!!

Today we read "If I Ran a Rain Forest" by Bonnie Worth. We love this book and today really thought about the impact of chopping all those trees down will have on our Earth. We had another discussion about how to keep the Earth healthy... and I taught the kids about "Litter Bugs." I grew up knowing that if you threw your garbage or trash on the ground, out the window, etc... you were a LITTER BUG!!! Is that a northern thing or a 1980's thing??? Or maybe we don't have as many Litter Bug's now as we did back when I was growing up. Who knows... but the kids really got a kick out of it.

Little Miss M's Mom, Dana, thought of us yesterday, and brought us a great project... "Trash Munchers." A Sock Puppet that EATS all the trash it finds!! You take a white tube sock, add eyes to the top of the sock (near the toe, but not to close). Then take some fabric markers and decorate... anyway they want. We had some Monster Munchers, Dragon Munchers, & Kitty Munchers.

Having fun talking and coloring... What are we learning you ask?? How about Friendship, Communication/Language skills, Taking Turns, Problem Solving (at least 2 people wanted red at the same time) and Fine Motor Skills. They thought they were just talking and coloring :)

"Hi Muncher..."

"Munch, Munch"

"We love our Munchers!!"

"I got Shell!!"

Hey... Litter!!! A Litter Bug!!
(They thought the Litter was the Bug)

"Munch, Munch, Munch... I got it!!!"

Every Little Bit Helps
Walking on the Safety Rope!! Little Miss M... Loves it!!!

Our Neighborhood Nature Area is great... the kids called it the Rain Forest today.
Hmmmm.... what's that??

Not sure, but I think I got one too!!!

Running through the "Rain Forest"
(As you can tell, some of us didn't want to take our Munchers off)

Walking Home

All Our Litter Munchers!!!

What a Great Day!! We even got a beautiful, warm, sunny day to celebrate...
We also get to have a Birthday Party for Luke today... So, off I go to prepare :)


  1. Very very Cute. Ms M's mom must be one smart cookie !

  2. That she is Ms Debbie!! That she is!! I am lucky to have such great families!!!