Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today's Fun

Today was another great day... Although my camera is getting touchy lately. The battery is only holding a charge for a short time. I have a beautiful new camera, just to lazy to install the software on the computer. Will have to do it this weekend.

We started our day checking our Potato Heads. They are drying out very quickly, so we have taken to spraying them about 3 to 4 times a day. Fun, Fun!!! We also checked on our beans we planted in our new Greenhouses. Wow... we were surprised to see that Miss Michelle's bean popped out of the wet napkin and is growing very fast. It was all the talk, and lots of anticipation about when theirs will "POP."

We had some more review on shapes today, focusing on Triangle. We learned that Triangles have 3 sides, but that those sides don't always have to be the same size. So... triangles can look different from each other. We learned that other shapes, Square, Rectangle, Star, etc... all pretty much look the same ALL the time. They only get bigger or smaller. We went on a Triangle Hunt, then compared all the triangles we found to see if they all looked the same... Nope, they didn't. Yet, they all had 3 sides and you could tell they were each a triangle.

We also talked about numbers... We explore numbers by looking at, drawing, stamping, painting, comparing, reading books about numbers, and just about anything else you can think of. We make numbers part of our day, everyday. Counting, number hunts, memory games, calendar, sharing, sorting, and dividing our food/toys. The more we talk about, hear, or see numbers the easier it is for kids when they get to school. Learning in the form of play and daily life makes it even better, they don't know they are learning and kids can remember better when numbers are associated with everyday things.

Getting outside is the best part of the day. Sometimes they start asking at 8:30 in the morning... "Can we go outside yet??" and not everyone has even arrived yet... love it. The swings, racing cars, sandpit, and climbing the play structure were some of our favorites today. The boys wanted to see how high they could swing, then how fast a small truck would go down the slide compared to a big truck. Hmmm... we found that getting out of the way of the big truck was harder than it looked :)

Our toddlers had fun in the sand pit, making mud pies and filling and dumping the sand from one bowl to another. They also spent time going in the little house, coming out, opening and closing the door, and sitting at the little table attached to the house. It is interesting to watch, they go in, walk around a little in the house (all the while chattering to themselves), come back out (making sure to open the door, close it, and ring the bell), then sit down at the little table. The two of them did this about 4 or 5 times each. They just followed each other... of course until someone held the door closed and wouldn't let the other in :) But it was fun while it lasted. They moved to different areas after that... Cozy Coupe for 1 and the sandbox for the other... but they seek each other out to play most of the time. I love to watch them.

We had snack outside today... it was a beautiful morning. Not to hot, not to chilly. One of those days I wish I could figure out how to do everything outside... I am looking for some outdoor storage containers, that are water proof and not gonna break the bank buying. I want to have art supplies for outside, blocks, little animals or people, things that won't necessarily get ruined in the elements, but need to be stored. I will keep dreaming and one day I will get it done.

Tomorrow is Friday... Where did the time go???

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  1. I'm looking for the same thing, and I think I have found the storage container! Tracy texted me a picture just this morning. I'll email you!