Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love Tuesdays!!!

It was a Smart Start day!! I think Tuesdays could be my new favorite day!! We headed out the door after a breakfast of Bagels, Cream Cheese and Strawberries and as always it was an exciting morning with our new friends at Smart Start. The kids just love Miss Missy and playing in the "cool" playroom. (hum... what am I missing in our playroom) They got to play in colored sand, on the loft, and a real bonus, BALLS... INSIDE!!! How will I ever live up to that?? :)

When we got home we had our snack (playroom fun always makes us hungry) and went outside. The rain has held off and we got to play and run. Our sandbox and sand pit are still a focal point, today we managed to shovel and dump probably 1/2 the sand out of the sandbox and onto various parts of the yard. The sand pit NOT being one of those places. The kids made hills, ramps, and blockades for their Monster Trucks. That consumed a lot of time. I love that the sand is there, and they can freely move about the yard with it, but... pretty soon there will be no more sand in the box!! So, today we had to set some limits around the sand... it can be used in, around, and next to the sandbox or sand pit. Which includes the outdoor kitchen area. So, mud pies can still be made, and mud tea parties can still be had :)

How do you deal with sand in your yards?? I was thinking maybe my box was to small... but, I just think they like to transport it, build with it, and move it.

At Circle Time today we read our new homemade book... Kozy Kids "Who Do You See" Book. Basically, it is just like Eric Carle's "What Do You See" books but with our faces and names. Most people make one at the beginning of the year to get to know each other, but we decided to make ours at the end of the year... I am crazy like that :)

We also had a shape hunt, calendar, and some review on positional words. It is so hard at this time of the year to "work." We love being outside, playing, running and exploring. We have just 2 more letters to finish and then it will be just review for our preschoolers... then we will be on to our Summer Fun themes!!! I can't wait.

We were supposed to make our Greenhouses today, but I realized we had 4 boys and only 3 white frames... the rest were pink. So, I will be heading to the store tonight to purchase 1 more "boy" colored frame so we can get these greenhouses up!! I can't wait to see them, they sprout faster than our Hairy Potato... which the kids were frustrated today when there was no hair on the potatoes head!! :) So, we talked about growing.... how it has taken them 5 long years to get as big as they are. We found pictures of Little Miss M when she first started and then one from now and took guesses on how old she was when she started. They got the idea that the "hair" would take a while longer, sun, water, and our love to grow bigger. So, I hope they grow :)

I'll post some pictures tomorrow... dead battery in the camera today :)

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  1. I'm a big meany...the sand stays in the boxes.