Monday, April 12, 2010

We're Back

Spring Break is Over. I had a wonderful time in NY visiting with my husbands family. We celebrated all 4 of my boys birthday's, went to the beach, hiked at the park, and spent a lot of time relaxing with family. It was wonderful... sometimes I wonder why we ever moved. Then I remember the small, very small, house we used to live in with 4 growing boys and a very large dog :)

We had some shy kids at drop off this morning, but once we got some hugs and kisses going things got back to normal. One of my friends brought some special things back from his trip to the beach and Ryan brought some new blocks back from NY to share with his friends... then there was a lot of free play to help get us all reacquainted with each other (and the rules).

We spent a small amount of time inside, then after all the old art and bulletin boards came down from the walls... out the door we went!!!

We brought out our Princess Tent... lots of fun fantasy play was enjoyed!!

Cheese!! The big kids welcomed Little Miss M into their play this morning with gusto!! She followed them around like she was 4, just like them.

I love this photo. We made a hopscotch game with the chalk, and this picture just captured them having a ball.

I think that this was their favorite part of the morning though.... Rolling down the little hill we have in the yard. They laughed and giggled every time they went down.

All the kids tried rolling down, but these 2 got the most kick out of it. I wish I had taken a video so you could really get a sense of the joy that rolling down a hill can bring about :)

Little Miss M was enjoying the tent with the kids, when she stumbled upon the mud creation the boys made this morning. I watched her as she maneuvered herself into the turtle, she was so engrossed in what she was doing she didn't notice anything going on around her. When she succeeded, she did a little jig, then looked up and giggled. The sheer delight of getting in that mud, by herself, was worth the feeling of wet socks and feet.
The joys of being a child.

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  1. These are the exact thing I did as a child! I was allergic to grass but you I decided it was worth the rash. The smell of calamine lotion still brings back fond memories!
    Mud is still my favorite...I use it as an excuse to go to the beauty salon.
    Thank you for the post and the fond memories!