Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Kozy Kids is very lucky to have such wonderful families!! One of our families donated a truck full of sand for our sandbox!! Thank You Jada & Richard!!!! It was not only needed very badly... but we LOVED playing in it and moving it today!!!

First... we went to the Iredell Partnership's Smart Start for a Family Child Care Playgroup!! It was a lot of fun for the kids and Miss Michelle got some much needed work done :) The kids get to play in an awesome playroom, while I get to go to the resource room to laminate, use the die cut machine, and look at the lending library. A win-win situation!!! I would like to pass on a little tidbit to all my Mom's & Dad's because I was sooooo proud of our kids.... I was told by the Teacher in the Playroom that when a baby was crying during playtime... ALL of our kids went over to her and began singing to her to make her happy. Is that the cutest thing you have ever heard. I was so proud of them for taking care of the littlest in the room.

This little guy was very intent on digging holes to put his flowers in. It was one of those projects that he was so focused on the task at hand, he didn't pay any attention to anything else.

All my friends couldn't wait to get their hands dirty and "help" move our sand from the bed of Ol Smokey!! They worked very hard!!

Ok, so I didn't actually MAKE her push the wheelbarrow all the way to the yard :)

(Though she would have tried if I let her)

Hard at work!!


I got it all Shell!!!

Teamwork at its finest!!!

I had the water source going again today... and even though we were hard at work for most of the morning, my friends found time to get busy with the fun stuff!!

Our Mud Hole from yesterday seems to be getting bigger...

This is where our clothes have been ending up at the end of the morning... wet & messy!!
I guess I should invest in a clothes line :)

Ok... My favorite photo of the day!!!

Ya think she had fun??? She couldn't decide what she liked more...
the water, the sand, or the mud :)
Little Miss M ran back and forth from the water table to the sand pit to the garden. She couldn't get enough of it all. The exploration and investigation going on today was exhausting.


  1. That playgroup sounds great! And what great resources!!
    I would have loved to seen the looks on the kids' faces when they saw all that sand.
    And that Little Miss M is just too darn cute!

  2. Lucky you, lucky them. I bet if they will play until in the evening if you didn't stop them :)