Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Visit From the Librarian

 Oh My... are we one lucky daycare!!  We live in such a great little town because our library has an outreach program that allows one of their wonderful librarians to visit local schools, daycare homes, childcare centers and preschool programs.  Now, it took me a while to learn about Miss Crystal, but I am so glad I dropped by the library with my young son one evening and there she was, not only with a world of information about visiting the library with my kiddos, but the outreach program.  We talked, set up a time, and the kids and I began the wait and the anticipation of having our very own STORYTIME, right here at the house!!!  See what I mean... aren't we soooo lucky!!!

Miss Crystal was so great with the kid.  I think I was more nervous about the kids getting up, moving, talking, touching, etc... than she was.  I guess she's a pro at this, because she did such a great job with the little ones, even helping to dry the tears of one of the kids (yes, brought on by my asking them to sit down.  I should have just left it up to Miss Crystal :) )  I am so happy to have this program available to us, and we look forward to when Miss Crystal comes again!!!

I had to post this picture of our morning snack!!  
Aren't they the cutest muffins you've ever seen?? 
We thought so!! 
And they tasted as good as they looked ;)


  1. So much fun to have a visitor.....AND MUFFINS!!!! What a great day. :)
    Lil Bits Grammy