Friday, February 3, 2012

Action Photos

Over the years I have taken thousands of photos of my own children and the children in my care.  I love to look back on them and see how we all have grown.  I have learned, though, that sometimes the best photos are not the ones with a huge cheese face.  That sometimes taking photos of  them working and exploring are not only more fun, but usually brings me the best pictures, especially when I am lucky enough to get that natural smile, you know the one... that special smile that evades even some of the best photographers when they shot photos of children this age.  

The first set of photos are of the kids playing with our GREEN play dough that we made yesterday.  They were off playing in the housekeeping area when I put everything out on the table.  Once they saw it, they came running... no time to take off their outfits.

Little Man was the Knight in Shining Armor to Sprouts Princess ;)

I love this face... Sprout was beginning to make a new "cake" when Little Man started for her old "cake."
You can see that didn't go over well :)

Yes, Little Man is saying, "WHY?????"

The kids eventually wandered away from the play dough and went back to their Knight and Princess world, that is until I brought out the Dinosaurs... Making Dino Tracks is always enticing.

Even Head imprints can be fun...

Or wait, what about tails!!!

Sprout was bound and determined to get that Tail Track!!!
Little Man thought that was a great idea.

But feet were so much easier!!!
We got to spend another great morning outside today.  It was a little cooler than yesterday, but the sun was shining and the ground was pretty dry, so out we went and what a great time we had!!!  I can only hope for another 6 weeks of this!!!

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