Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Green Groundhog Day!!!

Whats a Provider to do when she has taken 175 photos in one morning??  I can't put them all in the post, but I want to ;)  So, I chose the ones that most represented our day...

We celebrated our GREEN day by making some no-cook play dough.  I used a recipe I found on the internet (not sure where), but when I added the alum, it became like elastic, kinda like silly putty.  Maybe I didn't add it in the right order, who knows, after we kneaded it for a while, you couldn't even tell.

Tutu's always make art more fun!!!

Making sure it wasn't sticky was a little tricky ;)
We used a lot of flour to make sure it was a good consistency...

When the consistency was just right, we started added fun stuff to create all sorts of things...
When asked what he was making, Little Man said, "ARGH!!!"
A Dinosaur maybe??
Lil Bit loves anything ART related... this was no exception.
She spent most of her morning in her tutu at the art table... to cute!!!
This was real serious creating for Sprout...
She loved when we put sequins out and she took her time making sure they were just right.
After the kids began wandering off to other things, Lil Bit would walk around the table gathering all the sticks up and "using" them for her creation... I'm not sure what it was, but she sure knew exactly what she wanted to do :)

Picking up all the sticks became a coveted job... everyone wanted a chance to put them in the plastic bag
(I'm telling you, you don't have to spend a lot on toys, some wooden sticks and a container, your good to go!!)

It was a little hard to hear that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and we may be in for another 6 weeks of winter, but then the kids and I went outside and we found that we could probably deal with it if it stayed this nice for the next 6 weeks :)  It was 65 degrees out today... It was beautiful!!  We put on our mud boots and ventured outside to find some shadows, puddles, and fun!!!
"Ring Around the Rosie, Pocket Full of Posies...
Ashes, Ashes...
We All Stomp Our Feet, In the Puddle!!!"
Oh Yes, this was a favorite!!
I got a little dizzy after awhile, and man, I know I'm getting old because my back was KILLING me after  5 minutes of bending over and going in circle :)
Finding our shadows... just like Phil
"Look, here's mine!!"
She soooo didn't care ;)
Even the trees made shadows!!!
And nothing could top off our GREEN day better than...
Lil Bit's Gorgeous GREEN toes!!!
You just want to eat them up!!!

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  1. So while contemplating how one manages to take 175 photos in a morning, I realized that it appears you have an extra set of hands to help in that lol! I'm lucky to get 3 a day lately! Love the green toes by the way...I was just looking at that color in the Avon catalog last night!