Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Dr. Seuss Fun

There is so many great ideas to go along with a Dr. Seuss Week I can't believe some schools only do it for 1 day.  We have really enjoyed the silliness that Dr. Seuss helps bring out in everyone who reads his books.  Today we read Dr. Seuss's ABC book and used our stamps to make a Print Picture for the wall.  Lots of messy fun!!

Ok, I thought Lil Bit was going to do some stamping here...
Nope, she just moved the stamp out of the way so she could get her hand in there ;)
Ok, I know this picture doesn't look like an Alligator.
It was just the 1st phrase in the ABC book and we thought  why not .

 There's a Wocket in my Pocket is one of my all time favorite books!!!  How much fun to read about all those little rhyming dudes that live in this boys house.  When I worked with the older kids, we would use this story as a starting off point for some great stories, today we learned about Rhyming and even got to make our own Wocket Monsters... which was another favorite activity today.

Today was actually Hat Day at childcare and although everyone brought in their hats, it seems hats are not something the very young like to wear ;)  So, I tried to get them to wear their hats for a quick parade and into snack time...

 As soon as they could get them off they did.  It was pretty funny trying to keep them on their heads, as soon as I would tell one child to put it back on, I would turn to the next child as they were slipping their hat off, and around it went!!

I can't wait for tomorrow... it's WACKY WEDNESDAY!!  I wonder what will show up at my door in the morning!!!  Stay tuned!!

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