Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Its Been a Wacky Wednesday!!!

I had to include this photo...
Scamp came to me this morning with her Cat in the Hat hat and wanted me to put it on her.  She doesn't usually want anything on her head, and yet, she walked around for 15 minutes with that hat on.

So we all were dressed in Wacky, Tacky Wear today!!  I tried to get them to put hats back on, or silly socks back on feet, but when you are working with this age group, you take what you can get... and this is the best shot I could get. I know I should have included my photo in there, but we couldn't get one that was acceptable (to me anyway), so it's just the munchkins!!

Also on our reading radar was Dr. Seuss's book, 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  We had a lot of fun counting fish, making our own "under the sea fish house" and eating yummy fish snacks.

Blue Jello and Swedish Fish were on the snack menu...
of course no Swedish Fish for the little ones, but they liked the Jello though

After snack we made our fish houses...

I absolutely love that face!!!
Squeezing Gel Bottles can be hard work...
but those fingers are getting stronger and stronger everyday.
Red Fish, Blue Fish...
"Look Shell, that one is Nemo"
The little ones loved squeezing the bottles, especially when they made the end of the bottle noise...
you know the noise I'm talking about ;)
This photo was to much, they all wanted to take the bottle from Little Man.

We had to double bag Little Man's...
he was quite strong and a little aggressive with his squeezing.
Doesn't that look cool :)

These two couldn't keep their hands off them...
didn't matter whose it was, they wanted it.

 After we read some more, played some more, we decided it was time to paint some Red & Blue Fish... I am hoping to hang these from the ceiling, so we painted both side today... You should have seen their faces, they thought that was pretty wacky!!

Scamp with that tongue out again... gotta love it!!!

What a WACKY WEDNESDAY!! I have decided that I am exhausted from all our activities, but a good exhausted.  Tomorrow is Pajama Day... a day to cuddle up and read and watch Dr. Seuss.  Of course tomorrow it supposed to be Sunny, Warm and Gorgeous... so we may have to do a little cuddling in the morning and get outside sooner than later.  Maybe we will wear jammies outside... we will see.

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