Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's a Playing Kind of Day!!

It's raining outside right now.  I thought it was going to be a wash out sort of day and had lots of indoor activities planned... Foil Hearts, Play Dough, Rice Table, Pin the Heart on Henrietta (Again & Again & Again) and of course Free Play is always an option.  Instead the rain held out and so out we went!!!

First we had snack outside....

Yum!!!  Can you see Scamp eyeing those goldfish!!!

I brought the play dough I had planned on using inside, outside.
This is exactly how it stayed :)
Not one kid stopped what they were doing and played with it. 

Sprout trying to convince Roo to come play "Witches" with her.

 Weighing the risks of going up, maybe??

Taking a drink break

Whose in here???

Don't you just wish you could read their minds at times like this ;)
Sometimes the need to be flexible outweighs the planned curriculum.  The joy of running outside, turning over rocks, trying to find a wet mud puddle (which was to funny watching Roo & Sprout doing just that), feeling drops of rain on our faces every now and then, using our large muscles to climb, run, and push, and navigating the world of friendships, is all the learning and teaching you sometimes need :)

Hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did!!!

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  1. These were words from the wise ! Thanks.. we all need reminded from time to time.